Magic Decal

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Thanks for checking out Magic Decal! This asset is a comprehensive decal system for VRChat. With this asset, you will be able to add that final level of impact to your effects or interactions with the world.

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Got a cool weapon, but it doesn't punch holes in anything? Add a decal to the impact point to really add some depth. *Note: does not reveal geometry behind decal, purely surface level effect

Check out the asset made by Liindy that makes use of Magic Decal for the bullet hole effects here: M1911 Akimbo Pistols

Have a grenade asset, but it quickly fades away after the explosion? Use Magic Decal to add a nice scorch mark to the impact area.

How about magic? Got some cool fire or other elemental effects? Spawn Magic Decal on the impact point to cover the area in arcane magic or create a line of fire on the surrounding ground.

Don't want to use particle systems? No problem. Magic Decal also supports static meshes, so if you want to add a poster, static effect, or animated element you can do so. For you mapmakers out there, you can also use magic decal to quickly visualize an addition to a level before going back to add it permanently, it can help speed up your workflow without needing to go back and forth to your 3D application!

Magic Decal is only limited by your imagination, so go wild with it!

Want to see what the shader features are before buying? Check out the documentation on my site Magic Decal Docs

Make sure to join the discord server to verify your purchase, and you can reach out for support in the Get-Help channel:

Engine Version Info & Requirements:

  • Built and exported with Unity version 2022.3.6f1
  • Created with Amplify Shader Editor
  • Requires latest VRCSDK World or Avatar & Post Processing
  • Requires Depth Light Prefab for Magic Decal to function (Included in package)


Standard License link: Standard License

Commercial License Link: Commercial License

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Credit to Quaternius for the game assets:
License for assets at time of upload/use: CC0

And credit to Niels Dewitte for the Noise Textures via VFExtra:
License for assets at time of upload/use: CC BY 4.0

Special thanks to Liindy, Demechi, and Binary Rogue for helping during V2 production.

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Last updated Jul 24, 2023

Magic Decal is an All-in-One Decal solution for VRChat allowing you to place a texture along any surface.

Magic Decal V1 & V2
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Magic Decal

6 ratings
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